10 Tips to develop mental health

Besides physical health, mental health is also necessary to lead an active and joyful life. If our mental health is not good, if we are depressed, anxious, panicked for some reasons, we can not concentrate on our study or work. Unhealthy mental health leads us to inactive life. So it is actually very important to maintain a good mental health. Instead of going to psychiatrists directly, we should learn to take steps to maintain a good mental health.

          Here are some tips to develop mental health.

  1. Make time to relax every day: In a busy scheduled life, generally, we do not have enough time to relax and have some peaceful moments. But a small-time to relax can remove all our sufferings and give new inspiration to work. Meditation is one of the methods to relax and well-received in the world. So, if you want to relax systematically, you can try meditation.

  1. Write down your thoughts: Writing in a notebook or diary can be helpful to concentrate on daily works. If we write our anxieties, fears, wishes etc then our mind will not think about them, and we can work forgetting about them. This is very useful to express our thoughts and very positive in effects.

  1. Learn to say no: Learn to say no to negative things and habits. Habit and activities which take so much of your time and attention are very harmful to mental health. It makes us lazy, so we have to learn to say no there.
  1. Reward yourself for good work: Having reward after good works can inspire you to work more. It is very effective to do works perfectly and timely.
  1. Be kind to yourself: Never compare yourself with others by skills or looks. It only increases negativity in mind and depression grows. We have to kind to ourselves and must learn to have a patient in hard times.

  1. Try to be grateful: Practicing gratitude to the creator can make us happy with what we have, and we do not get upset with what we do not have. This can make us mentally healthy and get us out from depression.
  1. Set a life goal: Setting a life goal make us concerned about our works. It leads us to make a better future. It makes us work more and keeps us always from unnecessary thoughts, worries. A long-lasting goal plan can keep us very active and ambitious.


  1. Make friends: Making friend or well-wishers can keep us out of sorrows. Their positive ideas can influence us in life. Time with friends is very satisfying to people. Hanging out with them is very helpful to relax and to get entertainment.
  1. Avoid negative things and people: Things which are harmful to health and mind can destroy our present and future. We must avoid them. People who always criticize, who try to insult are always harmful and bad to have in daily life. So it is a must to avoid them even if they are in the family. Finding some positive minded people is essential to avoid negative minded people.

  1. Have the habit of helping: Helping needy people or volunteering in good work influences very positively. It gives a satisfaction when we nurse the helpless people.