Obesity: A Curse For Masses

Today we have decided to talk about the link between your health and your employability. Sounds ignorant and shallow?…..

let’s dissect the seemingly subtle issue that is actually rampant perception affecting the job market; especially when it comes to the service sector.

People Judge you within 3 seconds of meeting you:

No. ..it’s not that racist and simplistic idea of being fair and lovely or being black.
Whenever you meet people, just like how you notice a lady wearing an Armani designer dress, your body shape is also one of the first things people notice or rather are inevitably bound to take a look.

We see more or less three kinds of people namely the obese, the healthy and moderate and the slender or the gaunt people. We will now focus on the problems of the obese people face for their weight that eventually benefits the fit and healthy people with even fewer intelligentsia credentials.

Firstly, The Obese People:
The ordeal of the Social Stigma:

Even the smartest of people fall victim to this social stigma.People above the standard average weight almost always feel guilty of their weight even if it is not a result of overeating.They are naturally a little shy wondering what image people might draw of them.They are naturally diffident because of the daily body shaming from their friends and family as a joke and they become used to it. Now, life sails them through to graduation level with the hustle and bustle of studying and exams and the love of their close circle of friends and family but the struggle starts from the day they start giving interviews.As cliche as it is, interviews are all about the first impression they have been talking about for ages.

Let’s look at the calculations  that today’s Bosses take into Consideration in their employees:

1. The Ideal versus the Real:

The employers want someone who can lead his or her coworkers irrespective of their job description; they expect a new recruit to be as sprightly as a new teen into their college. Very naturally they presume an obese young person to be not as mobile as their ideal employee is expected to be. Hence,  we hear a lot of talented people remaining unemployed for a long time.

2. Then, comes the Logical Denial of the Employers:

Research show that the employer judges the physical shape of their prospective employees by deciding between the main two criteria:
either a healthy lifestyle with nutritious food that exhibits the weight of the person or the opposite, bad lifestyle; the other overweight.

3. The Confidence Issue:

While it would be unwise to dismiss the talents of the employees by their Body Mass Index, it is a scientifically backed fact that obese people lack the mental acuity, focus and metabolic energy that translate through their personality.

Here’s how obese people miss out on the bellow mentioned confidence perks of a corporate world:

-let’s face the harsh truth of the corporate world: those who look fit get to wear dapper clothes, resulting in greater attention drawing from clients and bosses.

-except for the technology and education sector, being in a good body shape is almost a prerequisite for the front office jobs.

-people who are in a fit and brawny body shape are considered to be hard working as it is a presumption that they exercise.

4. The Direct Business benefits:

Obese people are more prone to health hazards hence the employers calculate their yearly loss in work productivity due to the following possible bottlenecks:

-lower productivity due to the lack of mental health and metabolic energy

-frequent absenteeism at work for health issues

-lack of confidence in conducting presentations, persuading clients and meet target sales to customers.

5. Researchers already getting ground  on Deeper Interconnection between Physical Exercises and Work Performance:

The study of S AND P company based in the US on 1500 CEO was on a seemingly spacious but factual interlink between the work performance of top CEO around the world and the record of their running a complete marathon on a regular basis in a year.

They are pretty much convinced of the results of the study that directs to the link of CEO running marathons with higher performance under stress.

The Solution:

Now, how can we beat obesity getting into our way to a career?
We all know the solution to it.

But what we don’t accept as a fact is every short term proceeds gives short term benefits.

To reduce obesity:

1. people don’t actually need an austere and depriving diet and back breaking exercise regime.

2. we need to decide on our mindset of accepting a lifestyle of advised health diet and regular effective exercise that we can actually stick to throughout at least one whole year.

One way of making the commitment to ourselves can be the technique that dietitian used for kids by asking them to ask themselves before ordering pizzas that if he or she were his or her idols say, the Spider-man, would he eat pizza?

3 . after 6 months or so, we can measure our progress and make necessary adjustments.

After all,  it’s our one whole wide life that we get once and why waste any single moment of it living any less than that of to the fullest?

Break some legs, people!

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