Yoga for weight gain | Learn the Tips

Quite contrary to popular belief, yoga for weight gain is a feasible procedure. Yoga is perfect for weight control since its simple to implement and it also provides various health and wellness benefits. Being underweight is associated with various health complications including compromised metabolism, reduced appetite, reduced immunity and osteoporosis among others. The best technique to gain weight is by using a healthy and nutrient-packed diet along with physical activity.

Yoga is also beneficial since it can be used to address various complications which compromise normal weight gain. Some of these including metabolism, digestive complications, stress and lack of appetite among many others. Yoga works well to improve the energies in the body, and it also helps to rejuvenate the body functions as well. Here are some of the recommend yoga techniques that one should consider for weight gain:


Recommended techniques for yoga for weight gain

1.Shavasana or Corpse pose- here you lie on your back with your feet held close together. Following this, place the hands on your sides and facing the body. Ensure that you close your eyes, breathe in out deeply. You should then relax the body and relax for an average of 5 minutes

2.VajrasanaVajrasana or diamond pose- this asana is important when it comes to blood circulation activities. It also helps to improve appetite and digestion procedures. It is practiced by sit on the floor with legs folded. Following this, ensure that you keep the spine straight and keep the eyes closed. Position the right arm on the right knee and proceed to do the same with the left palm. Following this, breathe in and out deeply. Maintain this particular position for 60 seconds or more if possible and increase your time as you become more experienced.

3.PavanmukhtasanaPawanmuktasana or wind-relieving pose- this helps to improve appetite and to correct digestive complications. Individuals are supposed on their bike with the hands placed beside the body. Keep the heels together and stretch your feet. Following this, fold the knees and clasp them with your hands to achieve the best results. Breathe in and out while exhaling and pull your knees as close as possible to your chest. When breathing in, lift the head and place the chin on the knees. Maintain this position for an average of one minute. Then, breathe out and slowly return to the original position. Repeat an average of 3-4 reps of this to achieve the best results. It can also be implemented by using one leg.

4.Fish Pose Matsyasana or fish pose- this is an excellent technique for enhancing digestion and absorption of nutrient in the body. It is also one of the main techniques used In yoga for weight gain. You should rest on your back and place your feet close together. Ensure that you place your arms on the side and with your palms facing the floor. Place the hands under the buttocks and press the elbows on the floor, and bend the spine a little. You can do all this while tilting the head backward and ensuring that the head rests on the ground. Try and maintain this procedure for a second, breath out and resume the original position. Repeat this procedure for an average of 3 times to achieve the best results.